Alexis Steinman

Focus on Alexis

+ Depuis quand êtes vous à Marseille et qu’est ce qui vous attire dans cette région ?
I stumbled upon Marseille for 2 days last September. Seduced by the city, I returned for a week in January and now a month, to meet people, make work contacts, and plant the seeds to move here. For me, Marseille is swagger by the sea, a creative, energetic mix of LA beaches, NY attitude, Marrakech design, and French style. I like how Marseille is a bustling city yet feels communal like a smaller town, and is so close to beaches, beautiful hikes, and pastoral Provence.
+ Avec votre culture que souhaitez vous apporter aux marseillais ?
American culture is  already in Marseille in fashion (NIkes) and cuisine (bagel and coffee shops). I prefer the verb of sharing rather than bringing, so I’d like to cook American dishes for Marseille friends — and share American style dance – by teaching a freestyle dance class. I also want to start a chapter of Creative Mornings here, an international lecture series for creatives which was started by a New Yorker.
+ Quel est votre super pouvoir ?
My ability to connect people together and to the world around them, my wordsmith skills, and my boundless curiosity
+ Pourquoi avoir choisi Smack Coworking ?
I belong to a coworking space in Seattle, which has enhanced my life both personally and professionally. Elodie Van Zele recommended me to SMACK. After 5 minutes, I was hooked.
+ 3 habitudes françaises qui vous étonneront toujours ?
That you can have incredible meals for a fraction of the cost in the States, that Sunday is a day of rest, and that that you can bring outside pastries to a café.
+ Une citation, une chanson ou un tips qui vous donne le mojo/ le power/ la pêche quoi, dans toutes les situations.
Quote: If you don’t know where your going, any road will take you there – Lewis Carroll
Tips: Don’t take things personally
Chanson: Good Feeling – Flo Rida / Formation – Beyonce