Nathalie Paton

Focus on Nathalie

+ Depuis quand êtes vous à Marseille et qu’est ce qui vous attire dans cette région ?
I’ve been in Marseille for a little over two years now. I came to Marseille for a short term contract with the local university, and met my partner at that time. When my contract ended and a new one started in Paris, I decided to stop moving and just work at a distance which is pretty easy considering how close Paris is by train and the fact I don’t need to be in the office that often. Since, I’ve been happy to lay down some roots here, especially given the perks of Marseille: gorgeous weather, sea and the mountains close-by, everything is within walking distance…
+ Avec votre culture que souhaitez vous apporter aux marseillais ?
Marseille has much more to offer than I can give back. But I really enjoy volunteering here and contributing to local grassroot organizations.
+ Quel est votre super pouvoir ?
Badass Adaptation superpowers!! Aka, the ability to immediately develop skills to adjust to any given situation.
+ Pourquoi avoir choisi Smack Coworking ?
I started off at Smack a few months ago when I was looking for a nice, flexible and reasonably priced space to work out of my home. I was immediately seduced by the place: located in the city center in exceptional premises – design, decoration, rooftop terrace, tons of spots on 4 different levels to work… And the warm welcome from Daphne during an initial visit made the difference with the other coworking spaces I had visited. Since then, I have taken advantage of the studious and kind spirited atmosphere, fortuitous encounters leading to new horizons and a cup of coffee at each one of my visits. The flexibility of the Smack packages deals is a real plus because I travel a lot for work so I can not commit to a daily presence. My only regret? I don’t have enough time to go there more often and benefit from the many proposals: coaching sessions, cultural evenings, moments of relaxation / well-being also make the Smack spirit!
+ 3 habitudes françaises qui vous étonneront toujours ?
The fact people put bread in their coffee or tea in the morning and end up having bits and pieces of their food floating around in their cup. The use of bread to clean up a plate. And the « bise », the very French 2 kisses on each check. I’ve definitely gotten used to it but it still seems weird at times.
+ Une citation, une chanson ou un tips qui vous donne le mojo/ le power/ la pêche quoi, dans toutes les situations.
Life is good