Patrick North Coombes

Focus on Patrick

Born and grew up in Mauritius before going to university in Cape Town, South Africa for a few years. Then, back to Mauritius where I started my career in the hotel industry. Moved to London 3 years later to continue working in the sales & marketing sector of the travel industry… Opened my London business 3 years later, in 2007.

My time for far as entrepreneur:

  • Business 1: Reve Tourism Marketing, London

When I started in 2007, it was a very steep learning curve from being an employee to being an entrepreneur… I previously only had to do my job, but from then, I had to do my job but on top of this, I had to run a business… Everything from the administrative duties of running a business, to recruiting and managing a team….

  • Between 2007 and 2015, I worked hard..

In 2015, I decided that my team should be doing the ‘real work’ and I should be managing them and growing the business instead of doing the work. This would then free up my time and allow me to grow more my existing business and look at starting up other businesses… Not being the ‘day to day’ person doing the job would also mean that I did not have to live in one place and I could move out of London to somewhere which suited my lifestyle better (outdoors, sun, sea, etc…)

My first step was to ‘free up some of my time’ and make sure I was ‘less busy working’, so I bought a 4×4 and drove most of the Journey from London to Cape Town, working remotely along the way, and flying back to London every few weeks to see the team. It took me almost one year to reach Cape Town. This year did exactly what it was meant to do for me and for my business: it free up some of my time, implement structures of when and how often the team needed me, and my team grew even stronger as they were now accountable for their job, which I believe is now giving them an even better job satisfaction.

When I reached Cape Town, I decided to stay for a little which as Cape Town was offering me the lifestyle was searching for…

  • Business 2: The Massage Truck, Cape Town

While in Cape Town, since I achieved my goal of freeing up time, I took this opportunity to start launching business number 2, a few months later, The Massage Truck was launched.

  • Business 3: franchise of The Massage Truck, Mauritius

A few months after launching Cape Town, an opportunity came up and we launched a franchise of The Massage Truck in Mauritius

  • Moving forward:

During the last two years, I have also been looking and considering a number of new business opportunities, some of which I am still working towards making happen in the future. Some will consolidate my current businesses and others are new business ventures.


+ Depuis quand êtes vous à Marseille et qu’est ce qui vous attire dans cette région ?

March 2017. Marseille attracted me hugely for the lifestyle it offers. being from Mauritius, and having lived in London for so many years, I now need to live by the sea… Great outdoors with the Calanques, Cote Blue, etc; so many different things to do on your doorstep, from beautiful hill-top villages to sports and week-ends away… All of this lifestyle aspects I was looking for is available while still allowing me to live in a big beautiful multicultural city, with many friendly people!


+ Avec votre culture que souhaitez vous apporter aux marseillais?

Growing up in Mauritius and living in Cape Town for many years have given me this free-spirit, relaxed culture; on the other hand, living in London and doing business there for many years has given me a rigid, fast-paced, highly-productive culture… With my two different and in some ways contradicting cultures that my life have coached me, I am hoping to find a way to to master both cultures of being  ‘highly productive and free spirit‘ at the same time. This could then be my contribution once I have mastered it for myself!


+ Quel est votre super pouvoir ?

My drive… I just push through walls because I believe in making things happen. I don’t let things stop me from developing my businesses and new businesses: I will find the money, I will find the time to do it all, and I will find the people to make it all happen…


+ Pourquoi avoir choisi Smack Coworking ?

They are the best by far… I have previously worked in may co-working places in London and Cape Town and Smack is by far the best one I know about… They have managed to find the recipe that combines a good place to get work done and be productive, a fun sociable place, and a good place to meet and share ideas helping you grow your business.


+ 3 habitudes françaises qui vous étonneront toujours?

The long lunch breaks… The fact that french can easily take 2 hours for lunch, even if it means having to work those extra two hours in the evening… The London culture is more about eating at your desk and push through the day, and therefore finishing work earlier

– ‘La bise, so many different ways… If you are a man the UK, it is pretty simple: you meet someone for the first time (man or woman) and your shake their hand and say ‘pleased to meet you’; when you meet them again, you’ll probably give them a kiss (la bise), but definitely only if this person is a woman, and always the right cheek first… French have so many different variations: sometimes you kiss someone even if you never even met them before, but sometime they don’t; sometime guys kiss guys too; sometimes its the right cheek first and sometime it’s the left one which can sometimes be awkward… So many ways!

Pedestrian crossing (passage pieton)… In London, you get to a pedestrian crossing and the cars will definitely stop and you will cross the road… In France, I am not sure that the drivers actually know what those little white lines are for…


+ Une citation, une chanson ou un tips qui vous donne le mojo/ le power/ la pêche quoi, dans toutes les situations.

On ne vit qu’une fois / we only live once …

(We therefore need to make the most of every moment we have)